Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Google Reader Friends

I don't have too many readers to this blog yet, but I am interested in changing the way I use Google Reader , and am hopeful that my readers might help me out.  Up to now, I have been subscribing to any blog which I thought looked pretty good, and then filtering through the articles as I had time.  I have typically separated out the feeds that I most wanted to read, and left the rest as a big jumble.

I want to change that up a bit.  I am looking now to rely on friends, family, and online cohorts to tell me what is good to read.  Google Reader allows me to add friends to my Google Reader (works in conjunction with Google Talk).  I can share my favorite items easily with my friends, and my friends can easily share with me.

I am planning to drop down from the 500 feeds I am following now to just about 100 that I think are the best feeds for social media (internet), board gaming, roleplaying games, miniatures games, video games, and gadgets.  I have a few others I am going to keep as well.  I also make pretty good use of the Note in Reader bookmarklet to store things that I find in passing.  If you find these subjects interesting and would like to see what I am sharing, or share articles with me then please drop me a line at the following address.  If you send me the e-mail from within Google Reader it should connect us up directly.  if you would like to preview some of the links I have been sharing you can view my shared items page or look in the sidebar of my blog.

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