Saturday, December 20, 2008

Google can you please make me a search engine?

Sure, Google already has made the internet search engine that I am most likely to use.  I also tend to use book search, image search and blog search regularly.  They all work pretty well for me.

What I really want is a Google Me search engine.  I recently downloaded the Google Desktop search again to play around with the new Docs and Gmail gadgets.  I was particularly interested in the ability to upload using the Docs gadget.

What I found out was, with the exception of music and pictures, I really don’t have anything on my machine to search.  Everything I am doing is online.  My notes are in Google Notebook.  My bookmarks are in Diigo.  My tasks are in Remember the Milk.  My e-mail is in Gmail.  My documents are in Google Docs.  Should I go on?

Google.  I want you to create a search engine that quickly searches all of my Google properties.  I also want an easy API that third party sites can use to make just my information available to this Me search engine.

I have been playing with Google Custom Search, but many of the Google properties, like Notebook, don’t give a custom URL until I publish the page.  I could not get Docs to do it either.  Right now the best I can do is add a custom search engine to my search box in Firefox.  I did the same in Chrome.

I am sure that I am not the only person who would want this.  Please!!!!  K thnx bai.

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