Sunday, December 21, 2008

Game Day Report

I was able to attend (and host) my first game day in about 5 months and get some games in.  We had 5 total people show up throughout the day, and we were able to play quite a few games.

Crokinole  -  I started out with three games of Crokinole.  This is still one of my favorite games.  It is great how you can just sit down with someone and start playing.  Rules explanation is so quick.  The first game started badly for me, I was down by 70 after the first round.  I managed to hang on for a while, but lost in the end.  I believe the game ended at about 100 – 60.  The second game started better, but quickly turned into a blowout.  I lost by a bunch around 100 – 35.  Apparently these to losses inspired me to greatness, and in the third game I was able to start with two center shots, and go on to make 100  in the first round.  I bought my board from the Hilinski Brothers about 2 years ago and I think it was one of the best game purchases I have ever made.

Cash N’ Guns – As more people arrived we switched from a 2 player to a 4 player game of Cash n Guns.  Fast, easy fun, and we all knew the rules.  The first game I was ganged up on and lost pretty badly.  The second game we added the special powers, and everyone had revealed theirs before the games end (except me).  Somehow, I managed to avoid being targeted much in this game, and was able to kill off a couple of players with the perfect play of the bang bang bang card.  In the last round I was able to take the entire pot, which was worth almost 100,000.  I also had the bonus 10,000 for each killed player.  Even with two shame markers, I managed to score 205,000 for an easy win.

Guillotine -  We were waiting for our fifth to arrive before starting a long game, and we played a quick hand of Guillotine.  It was a good game for me as I convinced another player to remove a four point head from an opponents score pile.  I as able to end the third day early, and win the game by four.

Hey! That's My Fish! – One more short game before we started a longer one.  We played Hey! That’s my Fish!  Every time I introduce this game to new people the immediate reaction is that it is a easy, simple, mindless little game.  After playing though, people always comment on how there is more to the game than they first thought.  I managed to get sealed off on a big island, but it was not enough to get the win.

Red November – I was not going to buy this game, I typically dislike cooperative style games, and figured this would be more of the same.  I read some reviews coming out of BGGCon and decided that I would grab a copy.  I am SO glad I did.  Red November pits the gnomish crew of the failing Red November against the clock to be rescued or die trying.   The ship is going down, nothing can stop that, the only hope for the crew is the rescue. The game has a nice timeline mechanic which is much easier to follow in actual use that it is to read about in the rules.  Players take turns acting based on the player that is the earliest back in the timeline.  On a players turn they take time to move, then take time to act.  Everything in the game makes time tick off the clock.  Most of the actions involve trying to put out fires or otherwise fix something that is broken.  Unfortunately, as you spend time fixing things more bad stuff happens.  You need to carefully weigh the amount of time you want to spend with the need to fix problems.  We used a bunch of time to fix some problems only to have that cause another, more critical problem somewhere else.  The game takes about 2 hours to play, which is longer than I would have thought, but I had so much fun playing it seemed like it took less.  In the end we lost.  We were all very close to the rescue point.  Two of us were there, one gnome passed out from too much drink and died in a horrible fire, and the other two gnomes were within 5 minutes of the end.  As we relieved the pressure on the ship a massive fire broke out and killed us all.  The only real issue we had was with the Grog rules.  I actually think they work pretty well, but others though that the intoxication should wear off  after a certain amount of time or that the bonus for drinking should be carried with you.  I will need to research what others have said about it.

Tomb – We just played this game for a little while, it was late and dinner was needed.  I have high hopes that this will turn out to be a fast dungeon crawl/fantasy adventure game.  It took us a little while to get through the setup and rules, and when we started playing we were bogged down in character selection.  We played a few rounds to get a handle on combat, and I think that the mechanic works fairly well.  We did have some complaints about the color of the dice that are used, the blue and the green can be difficult to tell apart.  The game does slow down in combat, and although two players are involved it does leave the others waiting.  I think this could be an amazing two player or solo game.  I hope to get a full game in sometime soon.

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