Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can't decide if I should buy a Blackberry Storm

storm_verizon_front Melissa picked hers up from the FedEx store last night, and she seems to like it.  She brought it in to work today to get it hooked up to her BES, so we should have a better idea tonight and through the weekend of what she thinks.

I really want to get rid of my LG Chocolate and move to a Smartphone.  I have a Blackberry through work, but I really dislike carrying two phones (I have enough other gadgets to carry around).  Using the built in e-mail for work, and the Google mail application for my personal stuff would be great.  I need to find out if work will let me expense the data portion of my service plan, that would make the decision easy.

Top list of things I would like to be able to do on my Storm?
  1. Post video and pictures directly to Flickr.
  2. Make better use of Brightkite, including pictures.
  3. Post to and follow Twitter.
  4. Reader RSS through Google Reader.
  5. Read PDF files.
  6. Browse the Web.

Do you have a Storm?  Do you like it?  Mixed reviews from the folks here that have used one.

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