Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 – Another year in review post

2008 is just about done.  Truth be told, I can almost not bother to stay up till midnight to see another year pass (although I likely will).  Looking back it has been a fairly casual year, not a lot has changed for me, but at the same time big changes are set to come.

We are expecting our second child in April.  We have just gotten used to having a “big boy” who can almost always take care of himself (for basic things), and we will be going back to ground zero as it were.  We are very excited to be expecting a second child though ( another boy), and I know that Iain is looking forward to it.

Work continues on, but we don’t really have anything exciting or new or even very interesting going on.  It is just more of the same, and I doubt we will see the excitement level shift to far forward with the economy the way it is.  I am hoping to use the time to better enhance some of our existing tools with

I simply did not play enough games this year.  I bought quite a few, and branched out into some new game genre’s this year, but I once again did not get enough games on the table.  I think this is partially due to the lack of the right set of opponents.  The vast majority of my gaming has been with the local game group, which tends to be more social.  We play games that can play everyone that shows, and tend to shy away from anything to complex.  Most of the games I am wanting to play are 2 player games, which does not work well in that environment.  The gaming experiences I have had were good though.  I am getting more and more interest from people at work, and we spend many a lunch hour playing fast games.

My Wii is my favorite video game platform of 2008.  Loads of fun.  We just added a Wii Fit to the mix as well as Wii Music, so we have plenty of Wii fun for the year ahead.  My XBOX has been relegated to playing the board games on XBOX Live arcade (if you want to play me on Ticket to Ride, Carcassone, Lost Cities or anything else give a shout) and watching movies via Netflix. 

This year has certainly been a heavy social network year for me online.  I have met tons of people through Twitter and have gone from a handful of Facebook friends to almost 140.  I also switched this blog from my self hosted Wordpress blog to a Google hosted Blogger blog.  So far I am liking it, and so far the new blog has renewed my interest in blogging.  I think I have written as many posts since I started this new blog in November as I had the rest of the year.  I don’t know why, but it just seems easier to upkeep this blog.  I didn’t start audio or video podcasting this year.  I really wanted to add some video or audio content to my blog, but I am just not comfortable with the whole talking to myself yet.

I had a good season of Fantasy Football.  I placed 5th which was pretty amazing considering my team fell to pieces near the end of the year.  I had Plaxico Burress on my team which should say enough.  Dexter was the best show on TV again this year.  I don’t watch much TV, but it was easily the best thing on.

The only other big news this year is that we went to Disney World in September and managed to miss the fury of Hurricane Ike.  Houston and the surrounding areas got hit pretty hard.  I still drive my a pile of downed trees everyday on my way to work.  They have been collecting and mulching the trees for months now, and they obviously have months to go.  We did get a slightly extended vacation staying down in Florida, which gave us enough time to finally buy into the Disney Vacation club.  We are looking forward to many Disney and other vacations in the years to come.

I will be posting a look ahead at 2009 tomorrow.  Right now, I am going to watch some Doctor Who, and maybe play a game of Talisman.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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