Sunday, November 23, 2008

What's Up with My Google News?

I am confused.  I am seeing two very different versions of Google News, depending on which computer I am logged in to.  Both computers are logged into the same Google account, but I am seeing totally different pages.  One is my Dell and another is my EEE PC, I was thinking that maybe one was supposed to be a netbook/small screen optimized version but I don't see anything in the source that would make me think it was. Interestingly, I created a few extra custom settings on my Dell laptop that are not reflected on the EEE.  It's like I got switched to a test server on the EEE, I am afraid to clear the cookies on the EEE, because I like the new interface a bunch more.

Here is what I am seeing on the Dell, which is the Google News interface I am used to:

Here is the home screen I am seeing on the EEE PC.  Notice that the section list has the drop down at the top left.  The personalize page option on the right just allows for re-ordering sections, you now use the drop down on the left to create new sections.  The advanced option which let you name sections is missing which is a major disappointment to me.

Here is a look at what the section pages look like, which is what seals the deal on this new UI.  I love the two column interface with the quotes and video integration.

Update:  I also notice that the view on my EEE PC has a custom newspaper favicon, where on my Dell the favicon is just the standard blue Google g.

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