Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting stuff written

I have had this article in my reading list for a couple of days now. It is a very simple article with a suggestion on how to get more writing done when you get stuck. The author suggests writing inside of your e-mail program.

This immediately made me think of Gmail (my email client), and the ability to email things to Google Docs. What a great plan! Start your writing in e-mail, get the content down, and then zip it over to Google Docs for polishing and publishing. I may have to try writing a few blog posts this way, as I suffer terribly from writers block.

The email upload feature of Google Docs is kind of hidden, but if you are in Google Docs and click the upload button you will see your custom e-mail address listed below the upload area. Anything you send to that address will be turned into a document. you can also send in attachments (but not PDF files or spreadsheets).
  • Ever get stuck writing something (blog post, article anything)? This article suggests that maybe you would be better off trying to write an e-mail. Use the informaility of e-mail to trick your brain into getting things written.

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    • Most of my articles start this way, as lowly emails addressed to an imaginary persona. It’s my favorite psychological trick for fooling the brain into thinking a writing task is less critical than it is

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