Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Pinnacle of my morning

Here I sit at 3:56 in the morning, waiting for some SQL databases to finish restoring so I can bring our systems back online (we are moving databases between servers - sounds fun huh). To pass the time while the db's are being restored, I decided to take a closer look at the roleplaying game Savage Worlds.  All I have to say is WOW!
I have never really paid much attention to Savage Worlds, I am not sure why, but I have seen the products on store shelves before.  I have also seen a few blog posts about the game system, but passed them by.  I think I made a mistake.  
The Savage Worlds system is published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group , and is a setting-less set of rules for roleplaying.  The core book gets you into the game (they actually offer a free download of the core rules), and allows you to play in pretty much any genre you can thing of.  The free rules are useful enough to get you going with one of the amazing one sheet games that the company offers as free downloads.  Many of these one sheets are designed to use pre-generated characters, and they are simply a single adventure which you can download for free.  Each of the one sheets comes with everything you need to play the adventure, and it can be printed on a single sheet of paper.
I will certainly be checking the system and some of the source materials out more closely.  They have really done a nice job of making information about the system, and a load of material to boot, available on their website.  Pinnacle is best known (I think) for it's Deadland's setting.  I may look into that in more detail.  They also have a number of licensed settings in various pulp, science fiction, and fantasy genres.  I am glad I had some free time this morning to check this out.

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