Friday, November 21, 2008

Fantasy Flight gets the Social

Fantasy Flight Games has launched a brand new web site, and it features an amazingly nice new user interface.  One of the nicest things about the new interface is that the few game pages I have visited all have a nice little intro video in addition to the standard set of news and updates.  I cannot forget to mention that FFG has added an RSS feed for easy access to site updates.  Overall, the redesign looks amazing.

As part of the upgrade, Fantasy Flight has added a new profile section, and is including a few social networking features.  When you create a profile you are given the option to select which Fantasy Flight games you own.  You can use those game ownership lists to find friends and other players.  There is also a point system in place, which seems to be a site wide status symbol.  As you add games, forum posts, and friends your points seem to go up.  I am not sure if they will be used for anything other than bragging rights.  Found the details on the points.

“Points = Prizes
Get Points to participate in raffles and special promotions.

Participating in the Community and interacting with it is rewarded with Points, following our top secret scale (don’t bother asking, it’ll be kept secret). The Points are used to reach different levels of monthly raffles, which will let you get special promotions available only to Community Players, of all of our games, from the smallest to the largest. The more Points you have, the more levels of raffle you can reach, and the larger the games that will be available to you.

  • Level 01 Raffle: for Players with more than 25 Points.
  • Level 02 Raffle: for Players with more than 200 Points.
  • Level 03 Raffle: for Players with more than 500 Points.
  • Level 04 Raffle: for Players with more than 1000 Points.

Prizes and raffle winners will be made public on the last Friday of each month in the News section and the Forums (you can read the rules here on the Help page).”

The forums add a nice visual element with the box cover in the forum list, and the new look to each users profile.  Pretty awesome change for my favorite game company.

P.S.  According to the site I have 30 Fantasy Flight Games in my library.

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