Thursday, November 27, 2008

A bit of Thankgiving

We are settled down in the hotel after a day of eating and lounging and playing.  Thought I would write up a bit about the trip so far.

We left Houston in Tuesday afternoon.  The flight was uneventful except that we left about 1 hour late due to a problem with the latch on the bathroom door.  Iain was good on the plane, even took a little nap.  Iain is funny on the plane, he gets very nervous in anticipation of taking off, but once we do he loves it.

We are staying at the King’s Pointe Water Park Resort in Storm Lake Iowa.  Hotels are a bit hard to come by in central Iowa, and we are happy this new hotel is open.  A couple of things stand out that make me very happy with our choice.  First off, the hotel has wireless everywhere.  We get a good signal in the lobby, restaurant and in our room.  It is great.  I did not see it advertised anywhere so I am quite happy.  The second thing that really stands out is the water park.

The hotel features both an indoor and outdoor water park.  Obviously, the outdoor portion is closed, but the indoor portion is quite nice.  They have three slides, a very small lazy river and a large splash play area for kids.  I will say that even an indoor water park is cold in the Iowa winter. I will post some video tomorrow.

Thanksgiving was good.  I managed 3 plates of food, 2 pieces of pie, and some spice cake.  Iain decided a hot dog sounded better than turkey.  We had a good time with my mother in law and Melissa’s grandmother.  We had a lite dinner at the hotel before spending time at the water park.

We are off to Sioux Falls on Saturday to see my mom.

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